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Photography Guide

A large, high resolution photograph with excellent detail is the key to creating your successful portrait. The better the photo the better your portrait!

I will work from one photo to draw the portrait. However, I like to have other photos of your pet for reference. It can be helpful to have close ups of the facial features even if they are not quite from the same angle. 

If you want a multiple pet family portrait, you may submit a group photo or separate images. If the pets are in separate photos, I will need to see a photo that gives me a size comparison to one another. 

If you have trouble selecting your photos, send them via email and I can help you make a selection. 

Tips for selecting your portrait photo​

  • Can you see the eyes and nose clearly and with good detail?

  • Does the photo show the true fur color?

  • Can you see the direction the fur is laying? 

  • Does the photo capture the pet's personality?

Tips for taking photos 

  • Take the photo in natural light so your pet is well lit. Details are hidden if the photo is too dark and they disappear if the photo is too light. 

  • Avoid flash if possible. Your pet's true fur color may not be accurate with flash lighting, detail can be lost and the dreaded red-eye can flare its ugly head.

  • Fill the frame with your pet so the photo can be enlarged and I can see details.

  • If you can, move closer to your pet to capture the photo rather than using the zoom function. 

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