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My Story

I was born in Great Bend; a small town in the middle of Kansas. I grew up on a farm where we ate from the land and everything was beautifully and lovingly handmade. Our parents gave us a deep foundation of faith and all they ever asked of us was to "Do our best."


After high school, I earned an Associate in Arts degree from Barton Community College in Great Bend. Then I transferred to Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas where I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration. After working in Kansas City for several years, I accepted a graphic design position at Barton Community College. I met and married my husband, Mark, a few years later. In 2003, we moved to Indiana. We have lived in Greencastle since 2018 where we share their home with a dog and a cat. I continue to work for Barton, remotely, as their graphic designer creating marketing materials, advertising, signage, managing the brand and web site design. 


I work in a variety of media including watercolor, oil, colored pencil and calligraphy. I enjoy building layers of color to reveal the subject matter and relax in the tedious process of creating detail. Influenced by the big Kansas sky, I am drawn to vivid, colorful subjects dappled in light and shadow. I love to capture moments in time, especially light striking a subject. If I'm lucky, I capture a memory. Maybe one of mine. Maybe one of yours. 

Where I am now

Since opening Connie Wagner Studio several years ago, my art journey has taken a few side steps. Although not usually easy to wait and work through things, I always feel that everythign works in God's timing. 


In the spring of 2018, we lost our beloved Boston Terrier, Archie. It hit us like a brick wall. Growing up on a farm, I became used to the circle of life with pets and dram animals. But this loss was far more painful than either my husband or I expected. 


That fall, to deal with my grief, I dug out a photo of Archie that really captured him. I had not created a piece of art in several years - or at least anything that I even liked. I had been following many color pencil pet portrait artist on Instagram. I used to work in color pencil a lot. So I dug out the boxes of pencils and found some paper that would work. I started in and Archie began to come to life on the page!


I was hooked on pencils again. I thought - well maybe I could do the pet portrait gig. I thought I would test the water and draw Archie's partner in crime, our cat Mabel. They had the love-hate relationship of brother and sister. It was a constant challenge to keep some peace. They antagonized each other pretty much all the time, unless they were asleep. It was frustrating and hilarious. So I drew Mabel with her super-large inquisitive eyes. It is really fun to have portraits of them both. Especially one of Archie. 


I would not have taken this turn in the road without Archie. He was a handful and kept us on our toes for ten years! I know know God was saying, " hang in there - I got ya."

For I know the plans I have for you.
Jeremiah 29:11

More plans

Watch for workshops at Ten Fold Projects Gallery in Greencastle, Indiana. I have been teaching calligraphy, watercolor painting and colored pencil workshops. Dates are posted on the Ten Fold workshop page and both of our social media accounts. 

I am an artisan at Creative Castle in Greencastle, Indiana. Original artwork, giclee prints and notecards are for sale. Be sure to follow the social media accounts for current updates!


The Team

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