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Howie and Rhett


a pet portrait!

Pet portraits

I am currently accepting commissions to create professional color pencil portraits of your beloved pet and family member. My portraits are created with high quality artist materials so you receive a beautiful, one-of-a-kind drawing for you to treasure for many years. Working from your photographs, I strive to make your pet come alive and capture their unique personality.



Do you have a photo that you would love created as a piece of art? Reach out to me via email and let's discuss how I could make that happen!

I painted the pasture scene for my dad because it was a place that gave him peace. He loved working the cattle, watching the calves play and gazing across the open skies. Now that he has passed away, the painting hangs in my house. It makes me smile and brings back many fond memories of him.

Pasture Out West.jpg
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