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Where I am now

Hello! Thank you for visiting my site. Since opening Connie Wagner Studio several years ago, my art journey has taken a few sidesteps. Although not usually easy to wait and work through things, I always feel that everything works in God's timing. 

In the spring of 2018, we lost our beloved Boston Terrier, Archie. It hit us like a brick wall. Growing up on a farm, I became used to the circle of life with pets and farm animals. But this loss was far more painful than either my husband or I expected. 


That fall, to deal with my grief, I dug out a photo of Archie that just captured him. I had not created a piece of art in several years - or at least anything that I even liked. I had been following many color pencil pet portrait artists on Instagram. I used to work in color pencil a lot. So I dug out the boxes of pencils and found some paper that would work. I started in and Archie began to come to life on the page! 

I was hooked on pencils again. I thought - well maybe I could do the pet portrait gig. I thought I would test the water and draw Archie's partner in crime, our cat Mabel. They had the love-hate relationship of brother and sister. It was a constant challenge to keep some peace. They antagonized each other pretty much all the time, unless they were asleep. It was frustrating and hilarious. So I drew Mabel with her super-large inquisitive eyes. It is really fun to have portraits of them both. Especially one of Archie. 

I would not have taken this turn in the road without Archie. He was a handful and kept us on our toes for ten years! I now know God was saying, "hang in there - I got ya."

For I know the plans I have for you.

Jeremiah 29:11

More plans

Watch for workshops at Ten Fold Projects Gallery in Greencastle, Indiana. I have been teaching calligraphy and watercolor painting - different classes will be coming. Workshops are posted on the Ten Fold workshop page and both of our social media accounts. 

I am an artisan at Creative Castle in Greencastle, Indiana. Original artwork, giclee prints and notecards are for sale. Be sure to follow the social media accounts for current updates!


The Team

Connie Wagner


Archie, Boston Terrier

Inspiration Mgr.

Mabel, calico cat






Our Team
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