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Terms and Conditions


A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of your order to secure your place on my commission list. I will give you an approximate completion date at that time. 

I will notify you approximately one week before I begin your portrait. At that time 50% of the remaining balance is due. When I complete your portrait, I will send a final scan for your approval. Once the approval is confirmed, I will send an invoice for the final balance. No shipment will be made until final balance is paid. 


Once you have secured your order with the $50 deposit, you have seven days to cancel with a full refund of this deposit.  After seven days, this deposit will be retained to cover time and expenses incurred by me up to this point. Any additional payment toward the order made by the client will be refunded in full.


If clients cancel their order and work has begun on the portrait, the non-refundable deposit plus 30% of the balance will be retained to cover my time and the materials used.

Progress photos

I will send progress photos via email or text. I will also post updates on my social media pages unless you request that I do not. Sometimes the portrait is a gift and sometimes clients prefer to see the portrait when it is finished.

Accepting the completed portrait

Upon completing the portrait, I will email a scanned, watermarked copy for your approval. At this point I may be able to make minor changes. Once the portrait has been mailed, no further changes may be made.

If a client receives the approved portrait and they are simply unhappy with the work, clients will receive a full refund minus the deposit plus 30% of the balance. The refunded amount will be paid after the portrait has been returned to me without damage.  


I retain full copyright on all artwork that is produced, including mock-ups, prints and product items. When a portrait is commissioned I reserve the right to display it in my website gallery and on my social media pages. You reserve the right to withhold progress photos from being posted on social media platforms during the creation of your portrait.

Privacy Policy

Connie Wagner Studio will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties.

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